Vehicle Maintenance

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Proper vehicle maintenance not only keeps your car or truck running smoothly but also ensures it is safe to drive. We understand that bringing your vehicle in for maintenance can be an inconvenience. 

That’s why we aim to make the process as painless as possible. While you wait, we offer a comfortable waiting room equipped with coffee, water, and a bathroom. Additionally, we provide shuttle services within a 10-mile radius, so we can even drop you off at work. At Yellow City Car Care in Amarillo, TX, we strive to minimize your auto repair bills through our digital vehicle inspections.

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance


The biggest reason you should maintain your vehicle is for safety reasons. When you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance, we look for potentially dangerous issues, such as worn brakes, loose steering, and worn suspension bushings. Additionally, maintaining your vehicle ensures that it doesn’t break down sooner rather than later. For example, when the antifreeze loses its properties, your engine could rust and overheat. If the brakes, steering or suspension fail, you could wreck.

Saving Money

Keeping up with maintenance can save you money in the long run. Changing the oil on time ensures the oil doesn’t become abrasive and damage cylinders, changing the air cleaner allows the proper mixture into the engine and conserves fuel, and making wear-and-tear repairs sooner rather than later often saves hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For example, catching brake pads before they score the rotors too deep can save you the money it would have cost to replace the rotors.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Dirty air filters, dirty oil and transmission fluids, misaligned wheels, and even worn-out spark plugs can decrease fuel efficiency. Maintenance keeps your vehicle at peak performance.

How Often is Vehicle Maintenance Required?

Your owner’s manual contains a maintenance schedule based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ignoring these can result in premature failure of vehicle components. For example, if the manual specifies changing the timing belt at 60,000 miles, it’s advisable to follow that guidance.

Pay attention to warning lights, such as oil change indicators. These lights are triggered by the computer monitoring your vehicle’s conditions and should not be ignored.

Vehicle Maintenance in Amarillo, TX

When you bring your vehicle to Yellow City Car Care in Amarillo TX, for vehicle maintenance, we not only do the required maintenance but also check several things:

When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, we also inspect for fluid leaks, examine loose suspension and steering components, assess tire condition, and evaluate worn shocks, struts, and springs. Additionally, we check the brakes and other visible systems.

Vehicle Maintenance

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