Steering and Suspension

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A vehicle’s steering and suspension systems work together to keep the vehicle on the road and ensure a smooth ride. The suspension connects the wheels to the chassis and the chassis to the body, and it also prevents the vehicle from veering to the side while you are driving. Yellow City Car Care in Amarillo, TX, specializes in maintaining and repairing steering and suspension systems, in addition to offering other auto repair services.

Components in the Steering and Suspension Systems

While the steering and suspension systems work together to keep the vehicle on the road, each has a distinct role. The steering system is responsible for turning the wheels, while the suspension ensures that the wheels maintain contact with the road. Components include:

Steering Wheel

The driver uses this to control the direction of the vehicle by turning the wheels. If the steering wheel is not aligned properly, the vehicle's wheels could be out of alignment, or a suspension or steering component may be damaged.

Steering Column

This connects the steering wheel to the rack and pinion or the steering gearbox.

Rack and Pinion or Steering Gearbox

These components convert the rotational motion from the steering wheel into lateral motion to control the direction of the wheels.

Tie Rod Ends and Tie Rods

These connect the rack to the steering knuckles. If the tie rod ends are not perfectly even on both sides, uneven wear on the tires may occur.

Power Steering Pump

Provides assistance, making the steering wheel easier to turn. Without a power steering pump, turning the wheels would require considerable effort, especially with wider tires.

Serpentine Belt

Positioned at the front of the engine, this belt turns the pulley on the power steering pump, which in turn pushes fluid through the steering system to assist in steering.

Key Switch

Locks the steering column so that the steering wheel will not turn until the key switch is released.


Part of the suspension system, shocks control the up-and-down motion of the wheels to mitigate the impact of road bumps.


Also part of the suspension system, struts combine a shock and a spring along with other components to support the vehicle's weight and structure.


A vehicle may have either leaf or coil springs as part of its suspension system. These springs absorb the weight of the vehicle and contribute to a smoother ride.

Sway Bar

This bar connects one side of the suspension to the other, either at the front and/or the rear of the vehicle. It helps prevent the body from "rolling" while taking corners.

Control Arms

These arms link the suspension system to the vehicle's frame and control the vertical movement of the wheels.

The steering and suspension not only provide a smooth ride and direct the vehicle but also contribute to safety and overall performance. A well-tuned suspension ensures that the tires maintain contact with the road, preventing skidding around corners and enhancing vehicle stability.

Common Steering and Suspension Issues

The most common issues with the steering and suspension include:

Proper care for your suspension and steering systems can enhance both longevity and performance. Make it a habit to regularly inspect both systems. Aim to have your alignment checked at least once a year. During every oil change, ensure that your auto technician lubricates the suspension and checks the tire pressure—we take care of this at Yellow City Car Care! Also, consider rotating the tires at each oil change.

If you notice a shimmy in the steering wheel at higher speeds—typically between 55 and 75 mph—this usually indicates unbalanced tires. Consult your mechanic to have the tires rotated and balanced as soon as possible. An unbalanced wheel can lead to premature tire wear.

Steering and Suspension

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